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you don't scare me, huge ackman!

Considering apping into MASK OR MENACE? Want to dip your toes into the setting and get a feel of whether your character will fit into it? Or maybe you're just cruising and want to play around? Then you've come to the right place!

Pick any of the following scenarios below or feel free to make up your own, but don't be afraid to throw yourself at someone else's thread, either!

And remember to have fun!

    01. Your memory might be a haze still and you might even feel frustrated or anxious by the sudden news that you are no longer in your own world and that the Porter scientists and military cannot send you back. You don't get a chance to linger long in the underground Porter lab, but something is clearly amiss; light patches on the floor indicate something else used to sit in that spot in the room. Parts of the wall, floor and the tables look as if they have been refurbished in the past few months -- something happened in here some time ago. Something big.

    You're ushered out quickly and then suddenly, you're enveloped in a faint blue blue light before you find yourself under the bright Floridian sun. Another soldier steps toward you with a smile, directing your attention to a car near a large gate. She mentions she'll be debriefing you soon, handing out a brown folder and a pamphlet. You don't see the digital tattoo on your wrist, but it's quickly explained on your way over to the car as you realize there are other confused faces nearby, all holding files of their own.

    02. The city of Heropa is what one might expect from a small, bright and cheery place. The locals are friendly enough and local shop owners might offer a free drink to help cool you down in this awfully nauseating heat. Some of the locals might thank you for always lending your service to the nation and others might not say anything. In fact, some people might back away from any imPort who quite obviously looks like they aren't from around the neighborhood. Once in a while there's a look of disdain on someone's face and hushed voices. Something about "the outbreak" and "the government's gotta crack down on their medical files". "Some of them can't be right in the head" says another.

    03. De Chima, Virginia, is a large city with a healthy economy, and though it's quieter, there are just as many citizens awed at your presence. Heavy winds have people grasping at their newspapers and constantly brushing hair out of their faces, but that doesn't distract them from crowding you in excitement if you're obviously from a different time or world, or just let it slip that you're a newcomer. Children and young teenagers are especially likely to ask for an autograph and a photo.

    Some locals seem less enthused to see you. They never make an approach, but they can be overheard scoffing and muttering something about cameras. "Who do they think they are?" or "I don't like it... it reminds me of the government corruption back in the eighties." What could they be talking about?

    04. Maurtia Falls, Pennsylvania, is normally known for being a little more on the apathetic side, but there's been tension in the atmosphere lately. Nobody will outright state what it is that's rustled their jimmies, though you might find a newsstand with articles on recent and aggressive vigilante behavior within the city. "ImPorts: loyal to the cause of their own?" reads one newspaper article.

    People are not as friendly in this city and go out of their way to avoid walking down the same sidewalk as the more obvious looking imPorts pass through. Local cops say nothing, but they scowl at those imPorts and utter something about "no badges" and "acting like authority figures".

    05. Nonah, North Carolina, is the liveliest of all cities. It's loud, busy and there's some kind of energy in the air that gets everyone buzzing with excitement. Anyone who they come to determine an imPort is bombarded with all sorts of offers; job offers, advertising gigs, spokesperson for advocating children stay in school, etc. Anything and everything! You name it. Shops offer discounts for food and clothing, whatever they need. People flock in droves with questions, but they all say the same thing. Thank you for your service to this country, Hero. You saved a lot of lives. Wow, feels great to be a hero, doesn't it?
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Hermann Gottlieb | Pacific Rim

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[The first words out of his mouth are an accusation. Not the best way to go about initial impressions with a foreign military to be sure, but if he can't walk, he's going precisely nowhere no matter what they might want. They give him a crutch he despises on sight, but the alternative is a wheelchair, and that's an indignity he refuses to subject himself to barring life-threatening circumstances, and limps after his guide.

(Granted, this may actually be a life or death situation, albeit one where he still has his mobility.)

The blue light that washes over him in the hall reminds him of the drift, of the Blue, and he suppresses a shudder, begins to wonder if perhaps he'd chased the RABIT. But that's impossible, he hadn't dreamed the flight to Hong Kong and the end of the apocalypse.. right? No, those memories are far too real to have been a dream.

He's distracted by an abrupt shift in lighting as they emerge on the surface. The sun is blinding, and it takes him several frozen moments to adjust to. The woman in front of him has a disconcerting smile that's at odds with the confusion warring within him, but the word 'debrief' forces him to adjust his crutch and pay attention. He squints ahead to where he can make out a car, and accepts the file with his free hand. The people around here hold similar files, he can't help but notice, and judging by their faces, they're not any more certain about what's going on than he is.

He's about to turn away for the gate when something tickles at the back of his mind and refuses to let go. With a half-word of apology, Hermann turns toward the others and searches their faces until he's gradually drawn deeper into the crowd by an intangible sense of familiarity. If the occasional toe or arm gets in the way of his crutch, well he's hardly going to waste his time waiting for them to move]


[De Chima is nice, Hermann decides after the bustle of Heropa.

He's accustomed to living in Shatterdomes, of living in tight spaces crammed with as many personnel as would fit, but he often found himself missing his childhood home. It's not Germany, and the rolling hills are nothing next to the Bavarian Alps, but the sweet summer air and sense of a slower lifestyle tug at those memories regardless. A simpler time, before monsters had risen from the ocean.

It helps that he doesn't stand out as one of the 'imports'. Oh, his cane had always drawn attention, and always would, but perhaps it's because of this imperfection that no one pegs him as a 'hero'. This knowledge would have tasted bitter once, but he has seen real heroes rise and fall, was one himself for all of an hour, and he sees the ones that claim those titles here flocked by crowds he could never abide himself. Fame comes in many forms, and it's enough that he will be in history books, that his work will advance scientific understanding for generations to come.

And it's useful, he thinks as he settles into a charming outdoor cafe with a local paper and a cup of tea. People chatter on without paying him too much mind, and he manages to look like any other respectable middle-aged man in a crowd.]

[ooc: for the second prompt, feel free to assume any amount of time has passed since arrival- he'll be Registered]
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[Qubit was already stressed enough without someone jamming a stick into his foot, thank you. That's just the icing on the cake. He hisses loudly.] Watch it, you clumsy-

[- aaaaand then stops short when he realizes he is yelling at someone walking with a crutch. Good job, Qubit, you are the asshole here.]

I - sorry. I'm sorry.
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[Hermann raises his head from where he's searching for that nagging feeling, and takes in a man with the most ridiculous haircut he's ever seen. It makes Newton's look downright tame in comparison. He glances down to ensure his crutch is no longer impaling the man's foot and gives a short, sharp nod]

Quite. [He means to move on, but now that he's paused to contemplate the crowd before him, he realizes he's moved in a bit far, and he might be chasing a ghost. But it still feels like there's something there, buzzing and waiting for him, and it's a difficult feeling to shake. A side-effect, perhaps..?

His gaze cuts to the man he'd trodden over in sudden indecision. He'll sound insane asking, but if this is indeed another world, he might not be alone in experiencing it. Though to think it might be normal sounds maddening]

This will sound strange, but I don't suppose you happen to feel a sort of pull toward something?
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[Hermann if you think Qubit's hair is ridiculous... well, you're right, but wait until you see the Yu-gi-oh characters. ANYWAY. He gives the question serious consideration, at least, only answering after taking a moment to "listen". You never can tell with these pesky parallel universes.]

... No, I don't think so. Why, do you?
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[To think people might have anything to say about his own, normal-looking hair.

His mouth purses into a thin line, and he spares a look to the file he has yet to open. He should read it, although there's nowhere comfortable to do so at the moment, but it might answer a few questions.

He sighs, adjusting his crutch, and decides he'll just forge through until he's escaped the crowd, whether or not he finds whatever it is]

It's terribly distracting, but all the same, it could also be dangerous. [He's musing aloud now, preoccupied by the thought of his drift with the Kaiju. He desperately hopes there's no leftover connection to them here.]

I appreciate your time.
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[Qubit doesn't miss the glance at the file, though, and it gets him thinking. He's already read through his own copy at least once. Is the cause something that's listed inside? Unlikely to be the nanites, since only one of them is feeling the effect, which leaves the one other option. Sorry if Hermann was trying to taper off the conversation there or anything, but Qubit's curious now.]

Out of curiosity, what did the file say about your powers?
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[Powers. The word rolls down his spine like a chill. To think he might have been... alienated to any degree. So much for his escape. He stands a little straighter]

I've yet to read it. Once I've found a place to sit, I will do so, but I must confess I'm rather skeptical about all of this. Such things don't- or should not exist.
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[Qubit takes one of his lapels in hand. Being one of the first supers to use his powers publicly, at least in his own world, he's dealt with his share of skepticism ... or fear of the unknown, for that matter. This much, at least, is familiar ground.]

Whether they should or not, I assure you they do. [Then his gaze shifts past Hermann, briefly, and he indicates with his other hand-] Looks like there's a bench free over there, if that suits.
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[Hermann doesn't lose his skeptical look, but he twists around to see the bench so helpfully pointed out to him]


[The word's muttered under his breath, relief tinged with sarcasm, and he only spares a brief glance backward before he's pushing through to it. Whether or not he's followed is of little concern, because now that he's seen it, he's desperate to reach it more than he's worried about the pull. He's been running solely on adrenaline for hours now and a rest (not to mention answers) sounds heavenly.]
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[He does follow, a bit surprised at how quickly he has to move to keep up. In spite of the limp, this guy can really scoot. Why is he so interested? Well, it's a welcome distraction from his own problems, that's more than enough. And who knows, maybe there's some way he can help.]

I didn't get your name, by the way?
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[Hermann levers himself onto the bench with a tired sigh and props his crutch within easy reach. Hands free, he finally flips the file open and fumbles for the glasses he prays are still hanging around his neck.

He pauses to glance up at his shadow.]

Dr. Gottlieb. You are?
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Qubit. [After the quantum computing term, not the archaic unit of length. He doesn't bother sitting down, but stands nearby with his hands in his pockets.] Doctor of what?
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[He's prepared to brush the man's name off immediately and get to his file, but it gives him considerable pause. Who would name a child..? Not to mention, he doesn't automatically assume he means medical doctor. Suddenly this man has potential to be worth his interest]

Applied Science in Computer Science and Mathematics. Do you perhaps have some background in physics or computing, Mr. Qubit?
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[ Newt manages shake off the ridiculously embarrassing fall over the trashcan, straightening and dusting off his already dirty clothes and checking his pockets, the new folder, the ground, as he gets up, finding nothing missing despite a feeling that would suggest otherwise. Yet there's still a really weird nagging tug at the back of his mind--did he leave the PONS on? Is that it? Or the coffee pot in the lab?

It's getting more persistent, whatever it is, and Newt's sure he'll have it figured out when it suddenly. STOPS.

The end of a crutch lands just shy of Newt's foot as someone steps in front of him. His gaze carries up and, lo and behold-- He grins, even while he tries to sound annoyed. ]

Oh, I see! So years of harassment wasn't enough, huh? You had to follow me across dimensions, too.
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[The relief alone threatens to crack his face into a smile, and he doesn't completely manage to resist. Finally, something familiar, someone familiar, and the one person he might be able to solve this with. And at last, that awful pull has faded. Perhaps people are drawn to those from their own dimension? Assuming all of that is real, at any rate.]

Believe me, there's nothing more horrifying than the consideration that I'll never manage to be rid of you.
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Yeah, that makes two of us.

[ This is still way too strange, but hey, so were the Kaiju twelve years ago. And this time is different, because regardless of what dangers await them, right off the bat, he has Hermann. If this is solvable (and everything is), they will figure it out. Two heads better than one, etc. ]

But, hey, since we're stuck together anyway, any thoughts on this, uh, problem? I didn't get a good look at their machine--I don't think they wanted me to--but it couldn't just be something resulting from the Breach closure, right? I mean--

[ He gestures broadly, voice dropping to a theatrical whisper. ]

It's more than just us. [ He flicks the folder in his hands. ] And they were clearly ready! Files! Tattoos! She knew to call me 'Newt'!

[ Newt gave Hermann a pointed look and his face said it for him: I hate to go down that slippery slope, but we're fast approaching conspiracy territory, Herm. ]
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[And this is why he's tolerated working alongside Newton all these years; the man is quick to take everything in and generate theories- even if some of those theories seemed baseless.]

Yes, this is all very concerning. According to the brief information on the subject they've provided us with, it's due to a supposedly sentient device they pulled out of the Atlantic.. in 1985.

[A pause, because it's difficult to say what year it is. Their technology seems rather advanced, but then it also mentions the Soviet Union as a prevalent threat]

Nothing has so much as mentioned the Kaiju, and we're forbidden from accessing the device in any way. Proving anything is going to be exceedingly difficult unless we manage to convince them to hire us to study it- provided of course, such a thing exists.

[He really doesn't want to go down the slope of conspiracy theory, but they have to be skeptical of everything right now]
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Oh, right, yeah that. [ He glances down at the file. Right, he should read that before they proceed, lest he look too uninformed in front of Hermann. Newt opens up the pamphlet and gives it a cursory read-through, frowning as he comes to the USSR parts (He was a toddler then, but he was still a Berliner. He had some memories of it, stories)]

I doubt they have the Kaiju--yet. [ The East Coast and Europe didn't really get touched, but even so, this doesn't look like a world that's seen Kaiju, not if they're still squabbling over things like capitalism and communism. ]

[Frowning more as he gets to the Nanites and registration (They're keeping us and keeping tabs on us.), skimming over housing and employment, and settling on the section about powers. POWERS? He doesn't know if he likes the idea or not, but one thing stands out: ]

I'm not supposed to be alarmed that I've been irradiated?!
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[A grimace, because yes, that is in fact, highly concerning (along with virtually everything else on that page)]

And gained powers as a result. [The very thought makes him nauseous and they need a lot of different equipment, now. But before they can tackle all of that, a plan]

We need to gain our bearings, run some tests, and then have a rather long conversation with someone in charge.
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[ He eyed the folder skeptically, fingers twitching, antsy to look. But the powers weren't going anywhere. He could find out what the folder said about them later. ]

You think they're going to want to talk to us? But okay, yeah, alright. I agree about bearings--maybe a nice shower and a change of clothes, too--and then I'm up for any tests you want to run. Keep in mind we don't exactly have a lab right now, so tests are going to be sort of limited.

Unless you have a Mary Poppin's carpet bag full of lab gear to go with that outdated 'style' of yours.
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Not quite, but they're going to hear from us regardless.

[He knows how to turn a civil conversation into a pointed interrogation, and exactly how to corner someone into answering his questions. Whether or not it'll work on anyone worth their salt has yet to be determined, but he can threaten underlings all day until they get him someone with answers]

They mentioned housing, so we'll have somewhere to regroup, and I'm certain they have a hospital. I want a full medical evaluation at the very least.

[Which is probably the first and only time he'll ever volunteer for any such thing, but not only did they drift with a Kaiju little more than an hour ago, they've been irradiated and he doesn't care how harmless it's supposed to be, they've been alienated.

He adjusts his grip on the crutch and resists the urge to throw it down to the concrete]

Not to mention getting rid of this.
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[ Newt is going to object, he has had enough for today, but then he looks at Hermann's crutch and everything just sinks in. He has just seen his lab partner (his friend, let's be honest) endure a dangerous experimental Kaiju Drift, another dimension, irradiation, and now, by Hermann's standards, humiliation with the use of the crutch. His friend, whose health is already full of preexisting issues. What if this has exacerbated the MS?

Newton feels at least partly responsible for the circumstances Hermann now finds himself in and wholly guilty for even considering denying Hermann that check-up.

The man saved the world. He saved Newton's life. ]

Hospital first, then we'll see about housing. Okay? Right, okay. How you feeling, there, Herms? Any new pains, discomfort, dizziness?

[ Taking liberties he's not sure Hermann will allow, he leans in and tugs gently down on the other man's cheek, pulling down his eyelid for a closer look. There's still some redness in his left eye. Okay, then. Subconjunctival Hemorrhage, just like Newt's own. Yeah. Hospital now. ]

We can go back to the car--maybe they're still there--maybe they'll give us a lift to the hospital, save you from walking; not that you're incapable of walking, but--you know. That'd also give us a minute to read through this stuff.
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[Hermann can almost feel the objection coming, and see the concern that follows it when Newton doesn't protest. He slaps away the invasive hand with his file and glowers]

Nothing I can't handle. [He's far more exhausted than anything, and it won't surprise him if he falls asleep in the car, because he really has no intention of walking all the way to.. however far any real facilities are from here. Not the least of which because they simply don't know their way around.

But for now he's upright and alert, and Hermann glances back behind him, then shifts to the side to loosely gesture over his new acquaintance]

Before all that, I ran into someone of some interest. Apparently he's invented the same sort of transdimensional technology in his own time, and may be able to assist in countering the device that brought us here. He goes by Mr. Qubit.
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[Meanwhile, Qubit's been standing not too far off, half-listening to the conversation while he monitors something on his own handheld (one significantly bigger than the stock comm devices they've been issued, but only because it's also a lot more powerful). He looks up and moves in a couple steps on hearing his name.]

The "Mr." isn't necessary, just Qubit is fine. Dr. Geiszler, I presume?
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[ Nothing you can't handle--Newton grumbles about that and he'd really like to make sure they're okay in this first, but Hermann making a friend is a new thing and a very useful sounding friend, no less! Newt raises a brow, then turns a grin in the direction of the new guy--partly from friendliness, partly in amusement at the guy's name--and responds with an automatic:]

Call me, 'Newt.' [ He extends a hand to Qubit to shake, not really sure what he thinks of the guy yet. That hair. ]

Trans-dimensional technology, huh? Well, not to toot our own horns, but as I'm sure Hermann here's told you, we succeeded in shutting down one of those kinds of things back home not that long ago. Hermann's the numbers guy [ He knows that's going to piss Hermann off. ] and I'm a biologist--but I'm fairly qualified with physics myself, plus I'm not half bad with slapping together tech from virtually nothing but junk.

So, what sort of background you coming from that you've done a little trans-dimensional hopping before?
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