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Considering apping into MASK OR MENACE? Want to dip your toes into the setting and get a feel of whether your character will fit into it? Or maybe you're just cruising and want to play around? Then you've come to the right place!

Pick any of the following scenarios below or feel free to make up your own, but don't be afraid to throw yourself at anyone's thread, either!

And remember to have fun!

    01. Your memory is hazy and you might feel increasingly frustrated or anxious, or maybe you're excited as soldiers march past, barely glimpsing you. One second you're somewhere underground, the next you're enveloped in blue light, and suddenly you find yourself directly under Flordia sun's bright and burning glare. A female soldier steps toward you with a wide smile on her face and directs you to a car, ready to debrief you. You realize you are not the only one, surrounded by equally confused or eager faces... and you're all sporting a digital tattoo on your wrist.

    02. Welcome to Cape Canaveral, where the smell of the ocean is in the air and locals are more than pleased to see new imPorts roaming their streets. They wave, they cheer, they ask for pictures as politely as they can. The more inhuman you look, or if you're wearing a costume, the more likely locals are to approach. Hey, enjoy the moment! The popular malt shop is offering you a free drink if you need it.

    03. The technology in this world is certainly something. The cars are clearly modeled after popular 50s cars, but they hover several feet above the ground as they drive down the street. There are digital jukeboxes in restaurants, motorcycles also hover through traffic, advertisements can be seen on a digital projector on the taller buildings. Even kids on skateboards appear to drift a safe ten feet off the ground while playing!

    04. Wherever you are, you can hear the loud revving of an engine, distance at first before you finally see it: a hovercar bursting around the corner, going beyond the maximum speed limit and just barely making its sharp turn. It doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon, not with two police cars trailing it... and uh oh. Those skateboarding kids don't have much time to get out of the way as the car comes speeding down the road. You've been brought here for a reason Hero — so you better act fast.
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Kaldur'ahm [Aqualad] | Young Justice (season 1)

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(Prompt 2)

[Kaldur smiles awkwardly as he finds his hand being taken once again for a handshake and a photo opportunity. While he had seen such displays of attention brought upon his King and others among the League he could not recall most civilians being so brazen with their affection. It was starting to get to him and he found that he was not fond of the attention.

Not at all.

He takes his hand away as soon as the flash dies down and forces a polite nod.

I appreciate your warm welcome. However I should really be leaving at this time. Thank you again. Perhaps it is time you spoke with some other imPorts now, I do not wish to take all of the attention from other worthy heroes.

[He bows his head and not so subtly starts moving away. He just hopes they listen and let him leave for a change. He's got better things to be investigating than a crowd of curious fans.]
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[ The thing was, he hadn't really expected anyone else from home to show up. He'd been more or less in Dick Grayson mode since his arrival. But Batman had taught him to prepare for anything, so he'd carried a familiar pair of sunglasses with him at all times, just in case. Maybe it wasn't the best disguise, not if people already knew him, but hey, it was good enough for Superman. No one looks twice at a shrimp in shades anyway.

And incognito Robin is the name of the game when he weaves through the crowd and grins up at his newfound fearless leader (who clearly needs an out). ]

Kaldur! Just the man I was looking for. Don't mind me, ladies and gentlemen, just borrowing this guy for a minute.

[ It's exit time. ]
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[Considering Kaldur had not been expecting Robin either he almost didn't realize it was Robin weaving his way through the crowd towards him. At least, not until he hears his name and looks down. There's a smile there, one that is much more sincere than the one he'd been giving the pushy crowd and their cameras. It's also a smile of relief. Oh, sure, Kaldur could handle something like this on his own, but if he had to CHOOSE it would certainly be nice to have some familiar faces for this.]

Thank you.

[He whispers as he follows Robin past the crowd. Once they're a little out of ear shot he asks]

Is the rest of the team nearby?

[Might as well check on status of everyone else first.]
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Don't mention it.

[ If Robin had to pick one teammate to show up here, it would have been Kaldur, hands-down. Not just because he felt like the burden of too much responsibility fell to him without Aqualad around (a matter he hadn't exactly consulted Wally about), but... well. It's a relief, anyway. ]

[ He winces a little at the question. ]

Just KF. Aaand I'm guessing that means the cavalry hasn't exactly arrived.
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[That's funny because if Kaldur was going to pick one team member to be stuck here with then Robin would be his pick too. The boys work well together after all and there's something to be said for Robin's training and smarts. This sort of situation calls for that.

That being said, he is a little disappointed the rest of the team is not here, at least at first. Then he thinks again and realizes it would be very bad if the whole team was here and not home. Someone needed to be back home figuring out where they were. Right?

There is little reaction from the news except for a nod of acceptance.

Not exactly. However there may be something to be said about the original team being back together?

[It's sort of a joke to lighten the mood. Kaldur wonders if KF is nearby and is already scanning the crowd for a speedster loaded down with food.]
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[ Zatanna had taken a moment to make sure she was properly dressed down after all the talks with the... helpful soldiers filling them all in on their new imPort status. It didn't seem like this is a dimension rift caused by a certain lord of Chaos. It was all a little too well organized.

So take things at face value and keep looking for information from there? It's more of a plan than she had when she'd been trying to figure out a way to take the digital tattoo off her wrist earlier.

Blending in made manuvering through the crowds a more straightforward process, and at the sight of someone familiar (thank goodness Kaldur is fairly tall), she'd cut her way toward him. By the time he's begging his leave, she's close enough to squirm through the remaining crowd and attempt to hook an arm through his.

Are you sure you don't have time for one more autograph? I have a friend over here who can't wait to meet you!

[ She shoots him a smile and arches up an eyebrow. Time to make like a banana and split? ]
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[Kaldur stiffens at first when he feels someone trying to link arms, though he relaxes once he realizes WHO that someone is: Zatanna. A much better person to be around than his apparent growing fanbase. He hadn't even been here a full hour and was already being mobbed. It did not bode well for him. Then again who doesn't love a teen hero?]

I suppose I can fit in one more.

[Really anything to slip away from the crowd. Once they are a bit further away he asks.]

Did you just arrive as well Zatanna? It is good to see a familiar face amid all of this.
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Fresh off the inter-dimensional transportation device. Does it feel like this just happened last week to you too?

[ She jokes once they're at more of a distance, eventually letting go of his arm with a few physical objects blocking line of sight from his clamoring fans. She can just imagine what they'll be like after anything's actually done around here, to whatever ends that doing falls. And all of those thoughts are sidelined compared to the greater how and why and how long of being here. Transporter, check, there's the first how, and a why of "we don't know why you specifically" isn't much of one, but it's a place to start. ]

Did you like the little file they gave to you earlier?

[ The one with the summary of who they are and what they can do. ]
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A little bit, yes.

[Kaldur has many of the same questions. He does not possess Robin's ability to hack, so they'll have to fall back on more old fashioned means to obtain such information. If the information is out there anyway. Kaldur should perhaps not be thinking of making enemies in this world so quickly. Unlike back home he does not have the team or Justice League to fall back on.]

On the plus side, they were upfront about what information they have on us I suppose. Although it would have been nice to have gotten more information on them...I am familiar with my own abilities.