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we're all reponsible here

Considering apping into MASK OR MENACE? Want to dip your toes into the setting and get a feel of whether your character will fit into it? Or maybe you're just cruising and want to play around? Then you've come to the right place!

Pick any of the following scenarios below or feel free to make up your own, but don't be afraid to throw yourself at anyone's thread, either!

And remember to have fun!

    01. Your memory is hazy and you might feel increasingly frustrated or anxious, or maybe you're excited as soldiers march past, barely glimpsing you. One second you're somewhere underground, the next you're enveloped in blue light, and suddenly you find yourself directly under Flordia sun's bright and burning glare. A female soldier steps toward you with a wide smile on her face and directs you to a car, ready to debrief you. You realize you are not the only one, surrounded by equally confused or eager faces... and you're all sporting a digital tattoo on your wrist.

    02. Welcome to Cape Canaveral, where the smell of the ocean is in the air and locals are more than pleased to see new imPorts roaming their streets. They wave, they cheer, they ask for pictures as politely as they can. The more inhuman you look, or if you're wearing a costume, the more likely locals are to approach. Hey, enjoy the moment! The popular malt shop is offering you a free drink if you need it.

    03. The technology in this world is certainly something. The cars are clearly modeled after popular 50s cars, but they hover several feet above the ground as they drive down the street. There are digital jukeboxes in restaurants, motorcycles also hover through traffic, advertisements can be seen on a digital projector on the taller buildings. Even kids on skateboards appear to drift a safe ten feet off the ground while playing!

    04. Wherever you are, you can hear the loud revving of an engine, distance at first before you finally see it: a hovercar bursting around the corner, going beyond the maximum speed limit and just barely making its sharp turn. It doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon, not with two police cars trailing it... and uh oh. Those skateboarding kids don't have much time to get out of the way as the car comes speeding down the road. You've been brought here for a reason Hero — so you better act fast.
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Nui Harime | Kill La Kill

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[Those small children on their skateboards aren't the only ones in the street. A young blonde haired girl in a frilly pink dress just so happens to be crossing the street, completely unaware of the car speeding towards her. While the kids do seem to dodge it by the skin of their teeth, the young girl merely looks at the vehicle and lets out a short "Oh!" before...rather comically getting run over.

Comically, because she literally gets flattened; like something right out of a loony toons episode. In fact, she actually gets stuck to one of the wheels as the car swerves out of control and crashes into a telephone pole. As the passengers try to desperately get the car started again, thanks to the cops closing in, the girl in pink casually sticks her hand out from the tire and peels herself off it. Still flat as a pancake (and now floating for some reason) she sticks her thumb in her mouth and blows on it...which somehow inflates herself.

As if that wasn't terrifying enough, she casually walks over to the car, rips the door off its hinges, and pulls out the two suspects.]

Trying to get away? How rude! Don't you two know it's impolite to soil a lady's clothes? Looks like I'm going to have to teach you a lesson!

[...someone please stop her before this gets ugly.]


[Alternatively, perhaps you were just about to come home from a party and you called a cab. Maybe you needed a ride home from work but didn't bring your work. Whatever the case, while you didn't get a great look at your driver, you're almost positive that they weren't a young girl with blonde pigtails and a huge bow. When did she get here? What happened to the other driver? Was there even another driver to begin with? Who knows. Hell, you probably wouldn't even have realized it if she hadn't spoke up after the car stops at a red light.]

Are we going left or right?
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[Dio's just so done pretending he gives a shit anymore. If he's surprised at all, it doesn't show - he's just got that smug, punchable grin on his face.]

Going left would lead to a pedestrian zone.

[He leans back in his seat, crossing one leg over the other.]

Go left.
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[To reflect Dio's smug, punchable grin, Nui's smile is very much cheerful and upbeat. Like one of those eternal optimists with not sense of tact that you just want to slap.]

Roger that!

[At the very second the light turns green, she's already off. Further more she's obviously going above the speed limit...or rather, what it would be if they were driving on an actual street. Like 80. As the people jump and weave out of the vehicles way, Nui's merely giggles, calling out to the people through an open window.]

Oops! Sorry! I'm new at this, tee hee!
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[Haha oh man, this is great. Look at everyone jumping and screaming. He has clearly found the best chauffeur.]

No need to offer your apologies to them; I think you might just be a natural. Any regular driver would have refused going this way.
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Aw, that's sweet of you to say. I just love compliments! They make so happy I could just kill someone!

[Gripping the wheel tightly, she gives it a spin. The car spins out for a few seconds, before Nui grabs it once more. Now facing the direction opposite of where they were before, she proceeds to floor it. She missed a few people while they were running away. Now that just won't do!]
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4 because i cant pick the same thing as kiva

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Nui Harime.

[Well... He's not the hero those people needed but...

Better than nothing, right? Maybe not. It's only him, and he only has his... rather support-based uniform. Still MK.I. Still completely ineffective in a fight. So he's not really planning on picking a fight, as much as he's going to try to just stop one from happening altogether, if he can. Diplomacy. It's really all he has going for him.

How unexpected.
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[Nui turns around, casually dropping the two idiots in her hands to focus her attention on Inumuta. She's not letting them get away, though. Her boots, pressed tightly on both of their chests make sure they can't move.]

Do I know you?

[Of course she does. She'd know who Inumuta was even if she never met him. But knowing people like him is boring. She'd rather mess around than do anything else.]
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Probably not.

[He doesn't care if she knows who he is, or if she doesn't remember, or if she's faking it. He honestly... doesn't know who she is, either. He's been told, of course, what happens with her in Satsuki's plot, what she looks like, the minor details. But he's never actually seen her in action. No one could really explain her creepiness quite in the same way that he's experiencing it right now.]

But I'd like to talk to you.
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[Talking, huh? Maybe this won't be so boring after all. Or maybe it'll be ten times worse. Who can say, really. Nui tilts her head in a cutesy manner to look confused.]

Oh, you wanna talk with me? Is it about a date? Because you're not really my type. No offense!
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It's not a-

[He's mentally horrified at even the thought of a date with Nui. But... she's kind of crushing those guys with her foot still...]

...Does it have to be a date for someone to buy another person an ice cream soda over conversation?
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Well, I guess not. One of the major flaws in today's society is that it makes it seem like two people just can't be friends! And I don't think that's fair. Let's prove them wrong!

[That's about as close to a straight "yes" as he's going to get.]
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[No one will forgive him if they see him with her so-]

There is a place I know of. A short distance west of us.

[A place he does not ever go to and hopes no one he knows will go to either because fuck getting caught buying Nui an ice cream soda.]
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Then let's get going!

[And suddenly she'll be on the side of Inumuta, tugging on his arm like a little kid. Except this little kid is incredibly strong and may or may not be capable of ripping his arm off.

Nevermind the fact that she has no idea where this place is.]
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[He "lets" her take his arm. It's more of a "she has enough strength to break his arm if he tried to get away" though. But that doesn't mean he's not going to point out-]

You don't know which way it is. Shouldn't I be leading?
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what is my life

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[That actually gets her to stop and pause.]

Oops! You're right! Silly me.

[Is there a kanji for the phrase "my bad" or something similar? If so, the actual kanji in red may or may not have bounced off her head comically.]

Lead the way!
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what is both our lives

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[That "my bad" nearly kills another civilian, and Inumuta decides that maybe they should get to this cafe sooner rather than later. So lead the way, he shall. Quietly.]
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I'll get back to you on that

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[Naturally Nui follows along, doing her best to be as quiet as possible.

Which means she's probably going on and on about all the sites, or how nice someone's clothes look. You know, the opposite of quiet.]

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[ Freddie watched the whole thing from afar, from Nui getting hit to Nui ripping a door off, confused look on her face.

....that girl was terrifying. And interesting. But also terrifying. So, of course, Freddie decided that making sense of this was for losers and instead stuck her nose right in Nui's business.

Don't waste your time on those two, [ Freddie casually remarked, as she walked over towards Nui and the confused drivers. ] Just make them pick up the dry cleaning tab instead.
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[Well now. That certainly was an interesting reaction. A couple of the people who had been watching either booked it out of fear or kept watching out of sheer awe. Super powers were one thing, but this young lady was something straight out of a Hanna-Barbera cartoon.]

Awww, but that's no fun. What if they can't pay before they go to prison? A dress like this needs immediate attention!
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[ As a tabloid reporter who mostly wrote about death and murder, Freddie took a keen sense in the unusual. Nui Harime was definitely unusual.

plus, Freddie was putting a lot of faith in the small can of mace hidden in her purse. Could you mace a cartoon? Would it even stick? Who knew?

(Also, the idea of someone going to prison for ruining a dress seemed laughable in her mind. Goal #2: find out what this thing's priorities were.)

Do you even have any clothes to change into?
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[Would it work? Possibly. But only if it was funny and creepy at the same time.

Judging by the sounds in the distance, it seems like she wasn't really joking about the prison thing. And with each passing second the sirens in the distance get louder and louder. Expected, since those two were speeding. And probably bank robbers. Either way, it was apparent that there wasn't much time until the cops came and Nui would (probably) hand the two idiots over.]

Of course! I have lots of pretty clothes to change in to! But this dress is special. I made it myself! Isn't it pretty?
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[ Freddie...was aokay with handing those losers over to the police. Spoilers: she gave minimal shits. However, Nui was interesting, so she still wants to linger around here, trying to find out what exactly this girl's deal is. ]

It is pretty. I'm not a fan of pink myself but I've got to say, it suits you well.
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[As if Nui wasn't strange enough, suddenly Freddie will find her floating slightly behind her. She's leaning over, seemingly checking her over.]

That's nice of you to say! Though I've gotta say, you have a really nice figure. Maybe one of these days I could whip something up for you!
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wildcard! this can only end awesome

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[Ryuuko doesn't make a habit out of using cabs considering she's usually pretty broke, and prefers walking in general, but it's balls to the walls hot out so fuck that noise. florida heat whyyyyyy.

anyway she's as lady like as ever with her feet propped up on the divider console and her arms folded behind her head, reclining as much as possible in the back seat of a cab. her gaze is directed out the window, looking at nothing in particular with a fairly uninterested expression. aka car rides are boring. are we there yet??]

You're the driver, aren't you?

[a smartass remark, shouldn't they know how to get from point A to point B? it's kinda their job.... Ryuuko's tone is a bit nastier than usual too, probably because that dumb perky voice reminds her of someone she really hates, if the scowl forming on her face wasn't enough of a hint.

obviously she hasn't bothered to look over at the driver yet or she'd be in full on rage mode, no hints needed.....]
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Sorry this is so late!

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[Huuuuh? What's this? Doesn't Ryuuko know who it is? How strange! Normally she'd be flipping out at the very sound of her voice, so this is strange. Is it possible she hasn't met her yet? Or maybe there's someone walking around here with her voice and so she doesn't recognize her. Whatever the case, it's utterly hysterical.

Ah well. A scenario like this doesn't happen very often. Best to abuse it now. Life sure is funny, innit?]

Well, I thought you might have a preference! But I guess I'll just take the scenic route.

[Once the light turns green, Nui's boot slam down on the gas pedal hard as she turns the wheel to the right. A car on the other side nearly gets smashed as she zooms by, and if that wasn't enough...she's driving on the wrong side of the route, casually avoiding incoming cars like it's nothing.]

How's this?
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