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we're all reponsible here

Considering apping into MASK OR MENACE? Want to dip your toes into the setting and get a feel of whether your character will fit into it? Or maybe you're just cruising and want to play around? Then you've come to the right place!

Pick any of the following scenarios below or feel free to make up your own, but don't be afraid to throw yourself at anyone's thread, either!

And remember to have fun!

    01. Your memory is hazy and you might feel increasingly frustrated or anxious, or maybe you're excited as soldiers march past, barely glimpsing you. One second you're somewhere underground, the next you're enveloped in blue light, and suddenly you find yourself directly under Flordia sun's bright and burning glare. A female soldier steps toward you with a wide smile on her face and directs you to a car, ready to debrief you. You realize you are not the only one, surrounded by equally confused or eager faces... and you're all sporting a digital tattoo on your wrist.

    02. Welcome to Cape Canaveral, where the smell of the ocean is in the air and locals are more than pleased to see new imPorts roaming their streets. They wave, they cheer, they ask for pictures as politely as they can. The more inhuman you look, or if you're wearing a costume, the more likely locals are to approach. Hey, enjoy the moment! The popular malt shop is offering you a free drink if you need it.

    03. The technology in this world is certainly something. The cars are clearly modeled after popular 50s cars, but they hover several feet above the ground as they drive down the street. There are digital jukeboxes in restaurants, motorcycles also hover through traffic, advertisements can be seen on a digital projector on the taller buildings. Even kids on skateboards appear to drift a safe ten feet off the ground while playing!

    04. Wherever you are, you can hear the loud revving of an engine, distance at first before you finally see it: a hovercar bursting around the corner, going beyond the maximum speed limit and just barely making its sharp turn. It doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon, not with two police cars trailing it... and uh oh. Those skateboarding kids don't have much time to get out of the way as the car comes speeding down the road. You've been brought here for a reason Hero — so you better act fast.
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Nonon Jakuzure | Kill La Kill

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[If there was one thing Nonon was used to, it was people paying attention to her. So having all the people crowding around her, asking for photos and the like, it wasn't all that bad. A bit annoying, but she could play along. However, what she couldn't play along with was that godawful noise they called music. It was clear the musicians weren't that bad, but the conductor who was giving the band instructions was awful. So Nonon made her way through the crowd, pushing and shoving anyone who got in the way between her and the exit.]

Tch, if I stay here any longer my ears are gonna bleed. They sound like a bunch of dying cats.


[Sitting down on a wooden stool in front of a random music store with an acoustic guitar on her lap is none other than Honnouji Academy's own Nonon Jakuzure. A guitar case is open off to the side of her. There a few bucks worth of coins in there, some dollars, and even a ten, but nothing all that major. After finishing a song she turns to the person nearest to her, not really paying much attention to who it is, and speaks up.]

Any requests?

[While this is hardly a way to earn a great deal of cash, it is a fun way to pass the time. Plus it's a good way to attract customers to her new job.]

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[Said with a knowing smirk, as he pulls up a seat to listen to Jakuzure play. If there was one song that was not going to attract customers to her music store, that would be it. As if he wouldn't find out where Jakuzure worked, if she didn't tell him herself. And as if he wouldn't show up, specifically to pull this sort of thing.]

I've never seen you with a guitar before.
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ur grose

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Bite me.

[Despite her words, Nonon's tone is incredibly flat. Today was a long day, so she's too tired to put some actual venom in her words. Give a few minutes, though.]

Really? I didn't know you had such horrible taste in music. I thoughts dog's had a great sense of hearing.
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u first

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Don't look at me. I'm just referencing the classic American culture I looked up in relation to music. Oh, but there's more I learned.

[Said, as he makes himself comfortable on his chair.]

Did you also know that nearly that exact same style of guitar is most commonly owned by teenagers and college students who are so desperate to find a date they thought picking up some musical talent would actually get them somewhere? I just thought you'd want to know what people probably think when they see you like this.
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wow excuse u im not grose

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[Nonon lifts up the guitar and crosses her legs, shifting her weight in such a way that her body language makes it seem she actually cares what Inumuta is saying. And then, once he finishes...]

Huh. That's interesting. Wanna know something else that's interesting? Did you know people who know stupid and pointless facts like that also have difficulty getting anywhere? So they use their pointless knowledge to seem smarter than everyone else so they can boost their confidence.
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1/3 [2]

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[To Sanageyama, the music didn't really make much of a difference. Even if his hearing was sensitive enough for him to tell it wasn't exactly the best performance, he didn't care nearly as much about it as she did, so it's tolerable. With the weather so nice and a cool drink on hand, it was a pretty good day.

Well, until he feels someone trying to push their way past him. He turns in the direction of the angry little stranger to try and catch them as they walk away.

Oi, careful where you're--
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[Annnd he bumps his elbow right into the side of her head. This causes three very unfortunate things to happen.

1) He has knocked off her precious hat.

2) He's spilled his drink all over her.

3) The plastic cup he was holding has landed on her head, acting as a somewhat ridiculous substitute for the hat she's now missing.

A few people around them catch notice and start laughing, some subtle...some not so subtle. Sanageyama just looks angry for a second, because clearly this is their fault.

O-Oi!! Look what you made me do, you idi--!!
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did i succeed

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[oh god that's jakuzure he's so dead]


[A beat.]

...I didn't know you'd arrived.
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1 out of fuck if I know

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Oi, get out of my-


The words die in her throat as all the aforementioned actions happen one right after the other. Honestly everything happened so fast that it's hard to process it all. One minute she's making her way out of the crowd, the next her hat's knocked off, she's covered in either juice or soda, and there's a cup now sitting perfectly on the top of her head. Nonon blinks stupidly, looking over her attire.]

M-my Goku Uniform!

[Almost the entire thing's drenched. Obviously that's not much of a problem in terms of clothing damage, thanks to life fibers, but it's incredibly embarrassing not to mention uncomfortable. Not that her now sticky hair doesn't feel even worse.]
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2 out of 3 I think maybe IDK

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[For a second all she can do is stand there as people laugh, but a loud crack snaps her back into reality. She makes a dash straight for her hat, looking over it. While someone did manage to step on it, luckily the monkey skull is undamanged. Hastily she knocks the cup off her head and places her hat back on. Thanks to it being all bent up, it barely fits, but it's not like she cares. The crowd breaks out into even more laughter, but they all fall dead silent the second Jakuzure fires them a murderous look.

And then her eyes lock onto Sanageyama.]
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DONE and yes yes you did

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[She glares daggers at him, gritting her teeth as her thoughts catch up to her. Once she's fully able to process what happens, she stands up to her full unimpressive height and screams at the top of her lungs...]


[A flash of light erupts from where she's standing and when it fades...yeah she's in her Symphony Regalia MK II. She's also now making a beeline straight for him.]
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im so happy

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But there comes a time in a man's life when he realizes he only has one remaining option. He musters up all of his courage and he--

He runs for it as fast as he can.


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[For a few seconds Nonon chases after him, but eventually she decides she's much better off taking to the skies, as usual. So her flies up about ten feet or so and unleashing a music barrage of heart-shaped sound waves at him. All the while, her massive speakers are playing Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries at full blast.]

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[ouroboros intensifies]

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Rather than complain, shouldn't you try to do something about it?

[Satsuki's voice is dry and sounds entirely too amused, her arms crossed as she strides into place beside Jakuzure without missing a step.]

Or are they beyond even your help?
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L-Lady Satsuki!

[Damn gurl you're like a ninja. Nonon is, admittedly, caught completely off guard. Normally she's way more composed than this around Satsuki, but she's also usually not ninja'd and reprimanded (even teasingly) at the exact same time.]
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[Okay. Deep breath. Iiiiiinnnnn...and...ooooouuuttttt.

There. Perfect.]

Heh, you know as well as I do that I'd whip those slackers into shape in no time at all. Although getting rid of that stiff of a conductor would be a pain.

[Sass mode: engaged.]
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[Kiryuin-style trolling accomplished.

Satsuki gives a nod in seeming agreement, shoulders rising in a slight shrug, and looks over her shoulder at the performers.]

I suppose taking someone else's job may be a bit much.

[And then the issue seems to be dismissed completely, as she instead tilts her head down toward Jakuzure, eyes focusing sharply.]

I take it you've just gotten here?
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Yep. I've already been filled in on what's going on and why I'm here, but whoever's in charge here conveniently left out that you were already here. Pretty sure that little tidbit is way more important than whatever their stupid goals are.

[Because obviously the order of importance to everything ever was Satsuki first, and then whatever's left jumbled together in some sort of half-assed thing that maybe resembled an actual order.

Whatever the case, she's glad that Satsuki's here. Her posture and voice are more relaxed, but it's obvious she's still on her guard. Making sure she's safe is all in the job description. Not that Satsuki Kiryuin needs any sort of protection.]

Either way, sorry I'm late. Hopefully I didn't miss anything important.
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[ When you've lived 100+ years, you become a bit of a massive hipster in your taste. At least, you do if your name is Dorian Gray and you're a fucking snob. So, it's with a bit of a sigh, Dorian looks over at Jakuzure, a bit disdainful. His tone is pure "I know you don't know this, but I'm asking anyway so as to lord my musical knowledge over you." ]

I don't suppose you know anything by the Kinks, do you.

[ Dorian Gray: nostalgic as fuck. Also, slightly judgmental. Because hey, he was in a band. Once. In the 1960s. For all of a few years before things went sour. It counted enough! ]
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Alright, great!

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[Unfortunately for Dorian, this "street performer" also happens to be a giant music nerd. While most of her knowledge is of classical music and marching bands, she does know a fair bit about others. Gotta expand your knowledge, especially when working in an actual music store. So when he asks the question, Nonon smiles wide. Finally, a person who actually knows something worth knowing.]

Of course! Anything in particular?
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[ He can't help but smirk a little at that. Nonon's risen about a billion points in his book for at least attempting to try his request (as he really has no idea how she'll sound when she actually plays.) ]

Let's go with a classic--how about "All Day and All of the Night"?
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I think I can handle that.

[Handle is a good word. While Nonon's skilled in a variety of instruments, no one, not even her, is a master of all of them. And this is especially true for someone so young. So while she definitely seems to know what she's doing as she gets ready to play, and as she actually performs the song, it's nothing all that flashy or majorly impressive. However, it's definitely not bad.]

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bulwank: @vouloir (six)


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Is it really apt to compare them to dying cats? [Isn't that a little harsh? But he doesn't mean it in a rude way, a- in part honest question. She is the music expert after all. Also he very much was just suddenly there beside her. A nice shiiiift over to her once he caught sight of who had finally appeared here.]

Your taste in music is difficult to figure out. [Normally LOUD and CLASSICAL fit the bill but again- he has no idea. Aside from that.]

And it is good to see you, Jakuzure. It certainly has taken you a while to appear, but maybe it's fitting you're the finale of the Devas? [A smile.]
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[Man, what is up with people pulling ninja moves on her. First Satsuki now Gamagoori. It's a bit worrying, especially considering how gigantic the guy was. Though you wouldn't even be able to tell she was surprised at all considering her expression. Gama may be huge, but he just doesn't have the same atomsphere around him as their Lady.]

What's so difficult to figure out? I like good music. Doesn't matter the genre; if it's good I'll say it's good and if they sound like dying cats I'll say so.

[And man do they sound bad to her. If only she had some ear plugs...]

Same. Though I'm shocked I didn't see you earlier. Kinda hard to miss someone like you, Froggy. Don't tell me you actually learned some subtlety while I was away?
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[His intimidation tactics are- more forced yes. His appearance plays into it sure, but Satsuki has a - presence. Gamagori has an appearance, a voice, things more tangible. Their Lady is- something else entirely. He completely accepts that. He hadn't aimed to surprise her anyway.]

That- doesn't really explain anything. [Good music-? So she likes anything if it's played well no matter the genre? He gives a speculative glance.]

Oh- no, not necessarily. [Looooks forward again.] I have- gained an ability that allows my body to be- more subtle though. Perhaps that played into it? [He has no idea. This IS a rather large crowd, and she's fairly short. Maybe that's why? He isn't sure?]